I enjoy making things. Over the years, I've spent countless hours building small demos and prototypes chaining together APIs. These days, I tend to focus on more ambitious, longer-term projects. I intend to eventually compile an exhaustive list of everything I've ever built, but for now, here's list of some software projects I’ve shipped.

Blender is an open source 3D computer graphics suite that comes bundled with a Python interpreter and a fairly capable API for altering 3D scenes with Python commands. BlenderGPT is an plugin I wrote that converts statements in natural language to Python scripts that control Blender with fact: got me interested in researching 3D diffusion models for constructing and texturing meshes. Working on an upgrade now!
A website I built that wrapped finetuned wav-to-wav models and made it possible to generate vocals that sounded like popular fact: Universal Music Group threatened to sue my ass if I didn’t take it down. So I did.
A multilingual GPT3 powered chatbot built for answering technology related fact: It helped my friend’s grandma install a password manager so she doesn’t forget her passwords. 10/10 customer satisfaction etc.
Web app that used GPT3 to parse simple english into Regular Expressions and vice versafun fact: A bunch of people I look up to loved it, including Scott Alexander and Gwern.
LunarPay was a payment processor I built with some friends that allowed vendors to setup crypto payments in just a few fact: It won us a hackathon.
A fun summer hack that mapped accelerometer data from an iPhone to inputs on an emulated video game controller, effectively making it possible to use your phone as a steering fact: the first project I posted online!